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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! (Part 2)

Building your team is crucial to the fulfillment of the dream!


I hoped you enjoyed last weeks Winnerís Way notes. As I have meditated on them and thought about effective ways to continue to build my team, God gave me the two one line sayings above.

DARE YOU this week to do something positive and constructive towards building your team. I DARE YOU to make your dream work through teamwork. God has shown me and my research has confirmed that building a cohesive team is absolutely crucial to the fulfillment of the dream that God has placed in your heart or led you to be involved in and apart of. We need each other. John Maxwell puts it this way "being other minded". I like that! I DARE YOU to be other minded: to think about those around you and how you can help them succeed in life through Jesus Christ. What you can do to lighten their load and encourage them in their way.

Let me tell you about a story that Joyce Meyer shared recently. She told how a journalist was given the assignment of interviewing people to get their opinion and perspective on what was wrong with the world today. This journalist went to a busy shopping mall and started his interviews and goes on to tell this interesting story. A businessman with his briefcase in his hand came along obviously in quite a hurry, the journalist said, "Sir, may I ask you a question? What do you think is wrong with the world today?" The businessman replied, "I donít know and I donít care!" The businessman continued on his way and the journalist had a revelation that this is exactly what the problem with the world is today. People just donít care and they are all too busy, caught up with their personal agendas and not worried about what is happening to their world around them and what they could do to improve it.

DARE YOU to care! to pray! I DARE YOU to look not only on your own needs, but also on the needs of others. Be a positive influence on your world. Reach out and touch somebodyís life with love, give somebody an encouraging word, smile and brighten somebodyís day.

Our most valuable possessions are those which when shared are multiplied; our least valuable possessions are those which when divided are diminished.

Mahatma Gandhi, the great Indian leader and statesman never asked men for more than what they could give, but he always asked for all they could give.

All of lifeís successes come from initiating relationships with the right people (ie. networking and then strengthening those relationships by using good people skills). One of the keys to winning in life is by building good strategic relationships, but let it be a WIN Ė WIN situation. Not just the attitude what can I get out of this relationship, but the attitude what can I give to this relationship to bless the other party. I DARE YOU to build strategic relationships.

The Bible tells us to watch out for each other, pray for each other, to be other minded and bearing one anotherís burdens. We need to build teams. Teams maximize a leaderís potential and minimize their weaknesses. Teams share the credit for victories and the blame for losses. This fosters genuine humility and real community. When individuals take the credit or blame, this fosters pride and sometimes a sense of failure. Team leaders take accountability for the goal. Teams can simply do more than an individual. If you want to reach your potential or strive for the seemingly impossible: such as communicating your message to a thousand years after you have gone, you need to become a team player. Individuals play the game, but teams win the championships!


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