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Having a Vision

Wow, how the year has gone so fast. Many changes are taking place in all of our lives. In the midst of our fast changing world I challenge you to keep your eyes on your goal. The Word of God says, "Without a vision the people perish" Proverbs 29:18. I like to say, "Where there is no progressive vision the people dwell carelessly". It is very important to have a progressive vision. The word "vision" in this scripture in the Hebrew means "a mental sight", to mentally see a vision, revelation or a dream. I believe God is encouraging us to have a strong mental image in our mind of what we want to achieve in life and the destination we want to arrive at. I remember reading in the Word how God told Joshua to "see" I have given you the city and the mighty men thereof. At that time Jericho was a great walled city and no one was going out and no on was going in because the walls and gates were all shut tight and fortified. There were the soldiers and mighty men well armed on the top of that wall guarding that city from any advancing army. But God told Joshua to "see" that the city had already fallen and the mighty men were under his dominion and control. He had taken the city and the soldiers captive. Joshua was to "see" this in his mind to imagine a picture "a mental image" of total victory. We are drawn towards our predominant thinking patterns. So if we want to achieve good success then we must have a good mental image of that success and keep that before our eyes. Meditate on the positive and you will be inspired to achieve more than you once thought possible.

I DARE YOU to have a progressive vision, a strong mental image and a mental sight. I DARE YOU to have a picture in your mind and to meditate on it day and night. You to have a vision of your future destination and goals. A mental image of where you desire to be in life 10 years from now. Where you desire your business to be. Where you desire your family to be. Where you desire your health to be. Where you desire your finances to be. Where you desire your ministry to be.

As I was meditating on goals the other day a thought came to me "donít just go towards your goal, but grow towards your goal". It is very important to move confidently in the direction of your goals, but it is more important to grow in the direction of your goals. So, I DARE YOU to have a passion to grow. Each week, each day do something. Take a positive step of growth towards your goal. It may be in reading a book; it may be writing yourself a new challenge; it may be going over your dream and your vision and refocusing; it may be a time for reflection on what you have done and how you can improve or do it better the next time; it may be spending time with a mentor or taking that extra bit of time to get quiet before God and let Him speak into your life and refresh your soul. So, I DARE YOU to grow towards your goals. Your own resolve and commitment to growth is of the utmost importance. As soon as you stop growing the pack will catch you up and eventually pass you by. The only way to stay in front of the pack is a commitment and a personal discipline to growth.

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If you have any prayer requests please donít hesitate to send them in for we assure you of our prayers on your behalf to God for your total victory.

God bless you and I DARE YOU to win in life through Jesus Christ.


Dr. Shaun Marler

Senior Pastor
World Harvest Ministries


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